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Two Dog Leash Coupler

Two Dog Leash Coupler

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Simpetico Two Dog Leash Coupler - No Tangle Double Clip Leash Splitter Attaches to Collars and Leads to Walk Multiple Pets - Heavy Duty Adjustable Nylon with Metal Hardware for Large or Small Dogs

  • Get ready for compliments about your dog walking style! So much easier than using multiple leashes!
  • Controlling two dogs simultaneously is simple even if they are much different size or temperament
  • Dogs stay together without tangling, lagging behind, pulling opposite directions or circling around
  • Free up your other hand to carry other things like waste bags, phone, drinks, push stroller, etc
  • Durable, weather-resistant nylon & metal construction give you peace of mind for strength & safety

Simpetico’s Two Dog Leash Coupler makes walking your dogs a piece of cake! It’s time to stop holding multiple leashes where dogs pull separate directions, go different speeds, criss-cross each other and tangle up your legs going in circles.

This simple, effective leash coupler frees up your hands and helps keep dogs together at the end of one leash regardless of their size, breed or attitude. It's a game changer!

Got a 7 pound Yorkie and a 80 pound Great Dane? No problem! Have a 14 year old Beagle and an energetic Pit Bull puppy? This extra strength adjustable leash coupler will work wonders! The durable weather-resistant nylon straps adjust from 12 inches to 24 inches and won't be stretched, chewed through or broken. If you do happen to have a monster chow-hound that destroys the premium materials, we will happily give you a full refund and replacement.

Just attach the heavy duty metal alloy ring to your favorite leash; retractable, rope, bungee, double-handled, or otherwise, and you’re ready to walk 2 dogs in a safe, controlled and very stylish way!

Each dog will have independent freedom at the end of their own splitter lead and will walk as a team pulling on each other instead of pulling on you! No more twisted up legs, struggling to hold things or frustration waiting for one to hit the hydrant while the other runs ahead... just put your pups on the coupler and they'll be instant walking partners.

Your neighbors and friends at the dog park will wonder where you got such an amazing gadget! Perfect for professional dog walkers, breeders, sitters, vet clinics, rescue facilities, grooming centers or just obedience training your fur babies at home.

Want to harness your Huskies? Wrangle your Rottweilers? Manage your Mutts?? Make walking your dogs easier with the best purchase of your multiple dog owning life! You'll be asking yourself, why didn't I buy this years ago?!? For dogs who are simpatico...Get Simpetico!

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