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'Spot Shot' Skin Care Spray

'Spot Shot' Skin Care Spray

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Simpetico Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs and Cats - Colloidal Silver Spray for Pets - Fast Acting Natural Antibiotic and First Aid Remedy for Itchy Dry Skin, Cuts, Bites, Infections, Rash, Mange and More

  • Save a fortune by preventing costly, difficult, unnecessary trips to the vet for minor irritations
  • Finally put a stop to those lingering, ongoing skin problems and get immediate results from home
  • Rapid healing means hair and fur grow back quickly reducing bald spots from scratching and biting
  • This relatively small investment can make a huge improvement in your and your pet’s quality of life
  • Always keep this ‘must-have’ first aid supply kit item ready for emergencies and future precaution

Look no further for your pet's 100% safe, effective, rapid healing solution!

Simpetico’s Spot Shot is an all natural itch relief formula for immediate soothing of dry skin, allergies, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, rashes, wounds, burns, yeast, bacteria and staph infections, scabs, lesions, sores, ulcers, mange, flea and tick control and hot spots for dogs and cats.

If you can't take your pet to the vet or are at your wit’s end struggling to clear up a troublesome irritation that just won’t go away, please stop wasting your time and money on vet bills and prescriptions that aren't working! All you need is this simple, versatile home remedy that is easier to apply than messy cream or ointment!

Spot Shot helps you reduce your pet's pain, redness, swelling, inflammation, stress and baldness from scratching, itching, chewing, biting and bleeding from minor injuries or allergies so they can get back to their happy, healthy selves again. Your vet will wish they had this in their own office!

The no-sting spray is great for sore pets that don't want to be touched, or you can apply it to sensitive areas like groin, nose, ears and eyes with cloth or cotton balls. With no harsh chemicals, no medicinal odor and no greasy feel, Spot Shot is perfect for daily use as a general disinfectant, antiseptic and antifungal spray when shampoos and baths are just too much work.

For healthy teeth, gums, fresh breath and gingivitis prevention, just spray the tasteless solution in your pet’s mouth or add to their food or water bowls. The natural disinfecting and immune strengthening formula is also perfect for cleaning beds, toys, clothing, dishes or adding to shampoos for an extra healthy coat.

For a natural, affordable way to keep your pets healthy, including horses, birds, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals, Simpetico’s Spot Shot is a ‘No brainer!’ It couldn't be easier! For pets who are simpatico, Get Simpetico!

Spray directly on hot spot or irritated area every 4 hours for 2 days. After first 2 days, spray twice daily as needed. For fresh breath and healthy teeth, spray in mouth morning and night. Should never hurt or sting when applied. Additional uses include adding to drinking water, shampoos or spraying pet bedding for routine cleaning and disinfectant benefits.

While colloidal silver is useful for treating pet ailments of all types, it should be used as a supportive therapy and is not intended to cure severe conditions or terminal diseases like cancer. If your pet develops symptoms of an illness or life-threatening condition, please seek advice and consult from a trained veterinarian.

You love your pets, and you can help them with a simple, versatile, all natural first aid treatment. It couldn't be easier to keep your best friend healthy.

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