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Hands Free Leash

Hands Free Leash

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Simpetico Hands Free Leash For Dog Walking, Running, Hiking & Training - Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Bungee and Adjustable Waist Belt - Dual Handle Nylon with Reflective Stitching Stretches to 6 Feet

  • Gives you a more balanced, natural and fun running position instead of holding the leash in one hand
  • Waist belt reduces arm, shoulder and back pain & helps you keep consistent stride without stopping
  • Two handles allow both freedom of movement & total control when people, animals or objects get close
  • Bungee section stretches, cushions and prevents discomfort from abrupt jerking, lunging and pulling
  • Leash slides easily to both sides of belt allowing dogs to explore without slowing or tripping you

Hands Down (pun intended!), we want this to be the last leash you ever buy!

Simpetico's Hands Free Dog Leash is designed specifically for active pet families who love to walk, run, hike and play. You and your dogs will both get more out of your workouts and you will probably want to exercise even more!

The dual grip handles give you precise control of your energetic workout partner so you never break stride during exercise and can avoid accidents and altercations when other people, animals or objects get close. The adjustable waist belt (26"-48" (122cm)) allows your dog to move around easily from side to side, creating a much more natural forward movement during your adventures.

The weather-resistant Nylon is reinforced with triple layer reflective stitching for safety, durability and visibility in low light situations, so you can head out for an evening workout with total peace of mind. The no tangle elastic bungee section stretches from 48" to over 70" long, giving a strong cushion when demanding pullers decide to suddenly detour or jump after squirrels, people or other distractions.

The heavy duty metal hook is rust-proof nickel and the adjustable D-rings on the 1" wide waist belt allow for comfortable positioning of an additional leash or accessory like waste bag dispensers or water bottles. It is the perfect tool to build mutual intimacy and awareness between dog and human and is truly one of the essential pet supplies for active dogs!

Simpetico's sturdy, durable and versatile Hands Free Dog Leash is capable of handling most dogs from 30-100 lbs and has a 30 day full money back satisfaction guarantee. Once you make walking, jogging, running and hiking with a Simpetico Hands Free Dog Leash part of your daily routine, you won't believe how you ever lived without one! You'll even be able to take better pictures while your dog is attached to the waist belt! For dogs who are simpatico...Get Simpetico!

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