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Dog Seat Belt

Dog Seat Belt

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Simpetico Dog Seat Belt - Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Restraint for Cars with Elastic Bungee for Any Size Dog - Adjustable Seatbelt Buckle and Cushion Strap for Safe Travel with Pets

  • This small investment gives you ultimate safety, security & peace of mind as a responsible pet lover
  • Travel happier with reduced driver distractions, less pet anxiety, less car sickness and less stress
  • Dogs enjoy comfort and freedom of movement from the simple, sturdy, adjustable nylon and bungee lead
  • Preserves interior from scratches and spills and is more cost effective than large gates or barriers
  • Safety belts and pet restraints are proven to save lives and are required by law in some states

It should go without saying that dog owners need to restrain their pets when they travel. In fact, its the law in some states! With something as easy as this seat belt, there's no reason to take any risks and you should use it every time you travel! Simpetico's simple-to-use dog seatbelt is designed to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable in the car without confining them in crates or behind barriers. The click-and-go seatbelt attaches to your pet's harness and into your car's female seatbelt buckle and can even be installed with one hand. There is no need to remove it every time you travel and the metal swivel clip allows your dog to move around freely without getting tangled.

The adjustable lead extends from 26 to 36 inches, making it perfect for dogs of all different sizes to sit, stand or lay down comfortably and the elastic bungee section stretches from 5 to 10 inches providing further flexibility during sudden movements like swerving or braking. Get them safe, happy and help them enjoy the view out of that window!

The premium weather-proof nylon is reinforced with 2000+lb. break-strength stitching and the chrome and zinc metal alloy hardware provide unsurpassed durability that won't weaken or become frail over time. Using this car restraint will help you preserve your interior, reduce spills, keep pets stationary, and most importantly, keep YOU focused on your Number 1 priority: stress free safe driving without distractions from your pets!

To avoid serious injury, we STRONGLY recommend use with a chest/body harness and not connecting it only to a neck collar. Save yourself the heartache in case of an accident that may lead to injury or death and tether your dogs in when you travel! Why risk your companions life on a low quality seat belt?! Give yourself peace of mind with this simple and convenient travel accessory that will give you years of reliable use. Get Simpetico's Dog Seat Belt and you're ready to roll!

(Note: The insertion tab on the seatbelt clip is 2cm, please check your vehicle's buckle size and compatibility before purchase).

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