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About Us

Who We Are

Simpetico® is a family-owned and -operated company offering high quality pet supplies with an unrivaled standard for sincere and respectful customer service.

The name ‘Simpetico' is derived from the word ‘simpatico,' meaning compatible, easy to get along with, likable and harmonious, which refers to the kinship, togetherness and loving relationships that we pet owners share with our animals.

The core operating principle at Simpetico® is taking care of each other on a 1-to-1 basis just like that brand name suggests. 

Simpetico® seeks to create bonds between owners, pets and our products with good old-fashioned honesty and genuine concern for our customer’s well-being.  We want to help create a better life for everyone, especially our beloved pets.

'Simpetico' is also a combination of ‘simple,' ‘pet' and ‘company.' 

We aim to ensure our customers’ health and happiness by providing safe, dependable products that are wholesome, easy-to-use and effective.  No frills, no mess, no hassles.  In such a complex and confusing world, we stand firm as a simple, straight-forward, transparent provider of nothing but solutions.  

Ultimately, we want all of our customers to have a luxury brand experience and feel like part of one big Simpetico® family based on trust, honesty and the reliability of our amazing pet supplies and services.