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Simpetico® Receives Positive Feedback From Amazon-Certified Top 500 Reviewer

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Within weeks of its spring debut on Amazon, Simpetico® has already received numerous sales and positive reviews from customers for their ‘Safe Calming Formula,' an all-natural supplement made from 100% human-grade herbs vitamins, & amino acids designed to relieve stress, anxiety and maintain calm behavior in pets.

A very insightful and helpful review for the product came from Amazon's current #200 Top Reviewer, J.Pappan, who has hundreds of reviews and more than 5700 helpful votes from the Amazon community across all major product categories, who is also the owner of a "seriously hyper" 10 month old Italian Mastiff.

The 4-Star review from May 11, 2016 states, "I have used this a few times now on my 10 month old Italian Mastiff, who is seriously hyper in the mornings. About 30-40 minutes after I give her the calming formula, she tends to walk around the house or just lay down and observe the room. I gave her the formula and without telling anyone, got feedback later in the day. My housemates made a comment about how well she was behaved that day, this is how I know it works.

Why four stars? It's a serum, and for a large dog like mine, it requires three squirts of the serum. This is not easy to administer to a 80 pound puppy, so you need to be creative, and add this to some chow or in another treat form. I think I'd prefer pills over the serum, or just a treat. Having said that, I must say that my dog doesn't mind the taste of the serum, since it is flavored, I just think she doesn't like the squirt of strange fluids on her tongue. Bottom line - it works, but you may need to disguise the serum in food or a treat."

Simpetico® Founder and CEO Adam Dale Pearson said, "Some people might view this 4-star review as ‘not perfect' or ‘not the greatest' but I'm actually really proud and glad that this isn't just a ‘5-star' review that gives nothing but praise to the product. I can see that within that missing star there is expert advice on how we can build a stronger product that will ultimately solve more problems for more people and pets. This is incredible feedback that not only highlights the effectiveness of the formula but also gives direct instruction on how we can improve our products, hone our craft and grow our business. Input like this is taken very seriously and will be used constructively. It is greatly appreciated and we are honored to receive such valuable information from a reviewer with such a high level of influence."

Amazon's review system is set up to instill customer confidence and to provide the necessary social proof to other customers that desirable products and services are being offered in their online marketplace.
A review from a Top 500 Amazon-certified top reviewer is considered a great badge of accomplishment for a seller because the quality and quantity of product reviews are directly tied to purchases, and in turn, the overall success of a seller, especially for an emerging company.

Simpetico® is currently selling 3 products on Amazon, including a Colloidal silver first aid spray and a liquid Glucosamine supplement in addition to the aforementioned ‘Safe Calming Formula.'

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