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Simpetico’s Glucosamine Supplement For Dogs Achieves #1 New Release Listing On

Product Launch

Simpetico® is honored to announce that their latest product in their growing line of pet supplements, ‘Hip and Joint Support for Dogs' has achieved #1 New Release status on Amazon in the Dog Hip & Joint Care category.

The extra strength solution made from natural elements Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid works to improve quality of life in dogs with joint pain, stiffness, arthritis and reduced mobility and flexibility due to wear and tear on joints and aging.

‘Hip and Joint Support' has been selling on since mid-April and Simpetico® Founder and CEO Adam Dale Pearson said he was ‘totally surprised' when he saw the highly coveted #1 New Release badge while working on optimizing his product listing.

"I was casually clicking around and just looking for other things to improve like our copywriting and image quality when I saw this #1 New Release badge. I'm extremely honored to have received this recognition from Amazon, especially since this category is much more competitive with a wider array of products, more customers, more sales and higher advertising spend than we have previously encountered."

Pearson continued, "This signifies another remarkable step forward for us with more challenges, more risk, and more competition, which also means more rewards and growth for our brand and our business. It's a fantastic surprise and definitely something to be celebrated."

The natural ‘Hip & Joint Support' formula is the third product to be released by Simpetico® in the last 6 months and is backed by the company's 100% money back guarantee to ensure customers' complete satisfaction.

The supplement contains an industry-leading 1600 mg of Glucosamine HCl, 1200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate and 1000 mg of Opti-MSM and is made in the USA in an FDA compliant, cGMP and NSF certified production facility with natural ingredients free of wheat, gluten, starch, yeast, sugar, corn, milk and soy derivatives.

A 32oz bottle of the product is available with a special introductory offer of $37.99 at

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