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Simpetico® Announces 90% Off Sale To Launch Their ‘Safe Calming Formula’

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Ecommerce pet supplies provider Simpetico® has announced that their ‘Safe Calming Formula' is now available for immediate sale on with a massive 90% discount until April 24th.

The company has expanded their product line with the natural liquid supplement, which can be used on cats or dogs in noisy or stressful situations like storms or fireworks, for separation anxiety, before house guests visit or for behavior training.

The Safe Calming Formula is a solution of natural herbs, minerals and amino acids that is non-sedative and does not reduce alertness or have harsh side effects when used as directed like many strong prescription pharmaceuticals.

CEO Adam Dale Pearson, said, "We want to really raise the bar and provide a luxury brand experience with unmatched customer focus and support. Amazon is the #1 partner for us due to offering a safe and trusted buying experience and unbeatable delivery options for people buying online. This 90% off discount should really trigger some initial sales for us."

The supplement is made with Organic beef flavoring and has no wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, milk or soy derivatives and can be taken directly in the mouth, dropped in a food or water bowl or even rubbed on a pets' belly, which makes it both easy and enjoyable to administer.

Pearson concluded, "We are extremely proud to add another product to our line and hope that Safe Calming Formula helps our customers and their pets experience a more pleasant way of life in any number of stressful situations."

Simpetico's Safe Calming Formula is made in the USA in an FDA compliant, GMP and NSF certified production facility and is backed by the company's 100% money back guarantee.


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