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Simpetico® Successfully Registers Brand Name With United States Patent And Trademark Office

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A trademark, copyright or patent registration is a milestone for any business owner. Pet supplies brand Simpetico® has now taken that extra step of registering their brand name through United States Patent and Trademark Office, indicating that their unique name is officially protected and owned by the company.

Founder and CEO Adam Dale Pearson filed for the trademark of ‘Simpetico' through LegalZoom in February, and was recently advised that the federal government has approved his registration, ensuring security and possession of his intellectual property that ultimately reduces customer confusion and provides clarity in the marketplace.

"Registering this trademark really elevates our brand and adds credibility to our marketing efforts. We are presenting ourselves with professionalism and accountability, which ensure our company's longevity and most importantly, the trust and advocacy of our customers," Pearson said.

Detailing the origins of the company name, Pearson explains that the inspiration came to him during a bout of insomnia, something that many new entrepreneurs encounter especially in the early stages of their businesses.

Pearson explains, "I was searching for something that would symbolize the love and relationships we share with our pets when I found ‘simpatico' in the thesaurus at about 3:15 in the morning. I modified it to ‘Simpetico' for the pet supplies industry and the initial research I did online signaled my opportunity. I had to get out of bed to start taking action immediately."

Pearson continued, "Now by having Simpetico® officially registered with the government, we actually own it and can make sure it is used properly. This is definitely a major step in protecting our assets and as a business owner, I am very proud of this designation."

Simpetico® currently distributes natural first aid, training and pain management products for pets on and their own website,

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