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Pet Supplies Brand Simpetico® Announces New Twitter Account

Simpetico® has announced their new Twitter account is now live and accessible to pet lovers of all breeds. This announcement is yet another milestone in Simpetico®'s fast expansion into social media and ecommerce in addition to their line of premium pet care supplies available for sale on

Since their inception in mid-2015, Simpetico® has been building their customer base with social media by offering educational tips, advice about pet ownership and promotions for their products across a number of channels.

Simpetico® Founder and CEO Adam Dale Pearson said, ''The simple, straight-forward nature of Twitter is brilliant. We can quickly broadcast to our entire client base or engage customers one-on-one within seconds. The 140-character limit of Twitter has completely redefined our media landscape, and Simpetico® understands that modern consumers often expect to communicate with uninhibited access to the brands and companies they support."

Twitter currently has over 300 million worldwide in all demographics and age ranges, so the potential to develop a customer base quickly through targeted marketing is quite possible. Many users ‘Tweet' dozens or even hundreds of times per week, so there is clearly an immense attraction to this style of social media.

Pearson continued, "Our brand simply wouldn't be able to emerge as an industry leader without a presence on Twitter. Using this platform is kind of like saying, ‘Come on over, we're available, the door is always open.' We want to interact with our clients with the intent to understand them, and not just respond to them. Accessibility, trust and transparency will all encourage a brand's longevity, which is great for those of us who embrace this style of communication and technology in our modern economy."

Simpetico® plans on creating content and engaging customers with Twitter as a critical component of their brand development in 2016 and beyond.

Simpetico® currently distributes natural first aid, training and pain management products, all of which are available on

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