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Pet Supplies Provider Simpetico® Launches New Instagram Account

Simpetico® has launched their new Instagram account for their line of premium pet care supplies, meant to be a photo sharing hub for customers and pet lovers of all kinds.

This announcement is yet another step in Simpetico®'s rapid expansion into e-commerce and social media platforms since their inception in mid-2015.

Simpetico® has recently been interacting with fans and customers by sharing promotions, images of their products and, of course, posting images of customer's pets through this platform.

Simpetico® Founder and CEO, Adam Dale Pearson, said, ''Although we have just started using Instagram for our brand expansion, we know it will grow quickly due to the visual nature of the pet industry and pet ownership. There is no shortage of cute, funny or endearing photos and videos of animals on the Internet and we hope to use Instagram to create and strengthen the bonds between our customers, our products and our community."

Instagram now has over 300 million users worldwide and is growing exponentially in all age ranges and user demographics, so the potential to grow a fan base quickly is very promising.

Pearson continued, "Without a presence on this platform our brand simply wouldn't be able to emerge as an industry leader. We love to interact by sharing photos and experiences with our pets and want to encourage 2-way communication between company and customer. Honestly encourages longevity."

Simpetico® plans on engaging customers with Instagram through photos and advertisements as key drivers in brand development in 2016 and beyond.

Simpetico® currently distributes natural first aid, training and pain management products, all of which are available on

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