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Simpetico® Founder Explains Origins Of The Company Name

What's a Simpetico?? Simpetico® is a family-owned and -operated pet supplies business quickly establishing itself as a progressive, customer service-focused brand selling high quality products at reasonable prices, complete with fast and free delivery through Amazon Prime.

In the early days of his entrepreneurial journey, Founder and CEO Adam Dale Pearson had a completely different direction in mind for his business, but that all changed one fateful day in October of 2015. As many business owners experience, Pearson thought he had the perfect brand name all picked out for his fledgling brand, but then found another company in the same industry using the same name so he needed to change it quickly.

Pearson explained, "I realized my previous name was no good anymore so I couldn't sleep at all that night. I was searching for something along the lines of ‘companionship' or ‘partnership' when I found ‘simpatico' in the thesaurus at about 3:15 AM. A simple change to ‘Simpetico' to suit the Pet Supplies industry and my frustration turned to excitement. I checked around online and had to start building the brand right there in the middle of the night."

In order to mirror the reciprocal relationships that pet owners share with their loved ones, Simpetico seeks to establish a symbiotic relationship with its clients with genuine concern through personalized communication and unmatched customer support.

"I want the brand name to evoke compatibility and friendliness, just like the loving relationships we share with our pets," said the Owner.

Since emerging on to the ecommerce scene in late 2015, Simpetico® has earned clients through a variety of promotions and customer support scenarios that emphasize sincere and genuine concern for client needs as well as unique, creative and fun ways to interact with customers.

Simpetico® currently sells ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver spray on

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