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Simpetico Pet Supplies’ Seek To Establish Reputation Built On Exceptional Customer Service

Simpetico Pet Supplies is a family-operated company seeking to differentiate itself from the competition by offering an unrivaled standard of customer service and genuine concern for client needs. Since releasing their ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Spray, an all-natural antiseptic and antibiotic treatment for pets, consisting of 45ppm Colloidal Silver in distilled water in a convenient 2oz spray bottle, the brand has experienced exponential growth and consistently positive product reviews and feedback on service and deliveries through

Brand founder and CEO, Adam Dale Pearson, strongly emphasizes the importance of his reachability and respect for each and every one of his customers. The core operating principle of taking care of each other on a 1-to-1 basis distinguishes Simpetico from other larger companies that can often be cold and impersonal when they route customers through automated phone systems or by sending canned email responses from a vague FAQ page.

The Founder states, "We are committed to unmatched after-sales service and although we don't sell in volumes like a huge company right now, we are able to create a bond between owners, pets and our brand our sincere customer concern."

Product reviews and customer feedback prove that Pearson's initiatives are starting to take hold, with one strong example of client communication below:

"I really was not looking for a refund. I got an email from your company/Amazon soliciting a review. I thought I would just respond rather than write a review. I believe in "buyer beware." I actually hate how easy things are to return at most stores. People wear a shirt once, decide they don't like it, and return it for all their money back. Companies refund money for just about anything, without even verifying that anything was wrong with the product. I could easily be lying. You have no idea. I know that this phenomenon has led to increased prices in general. Companies aren't actually just going to eat the cost of liars and scammers ripping them off. They're going to build into the price the fact that such people are out there. I don't want to be part of the reason for price increases due to high volume of returns.

Now all that said, I appreciate you actually contacting me. I honestly just figured I was replying to a machine and no one would ever read the email. And evidently you stand behind your product enough to issue a refund that wasn't asked for. I wouldn't hesitate to give Simpetico another shot for other needs.


Additionally, Pearson concluded, "Transparency and honesty are paramount for Simpetico Pet Supplies."

Simpetico currently sells Spot Shot Colloidal Silver spray on

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