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Simpetico Pet Supplies Successfully Joins Amazon Brand Registry

Simpetico Pet Supplies has announced that they are now officially approved as part of the Amazon Brand Registry program, a vital component that makes it easier for sellers to manage their own brands and maintain control of their product listings on the ecommerce website. It is only available to those who sell or manufacture their own branded products enabling users to register themselves as the sole brand owner.

Simpetico Founder and CEO, Adam Dale Pearson, said this is another huge milestone for the quickly emerging company that will increase their brand awareness, secure their company name in Amazon's database, and protect their product listings from potential hijackers or resellers. "It is of utmost importance to protect and solidify our intellectual property and physical assets in this marketplace, so the Amazon Brand Registry is a critical component to our business. It's a rather easy application process and the end result of the enrollment is just huge," Pearson said.

Since Amazon often compiles product data from multiple sellers, a product's information can frequently be listed incorrectly. The Amazon Brand Registry, therefore, gives manufacturers increased authority and more control of their product titles, details, images and other attributes to help reduce matching errors and ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is published on their products listings.

Additionally, many manufacturers like Simpetico Pet supplies have specialized products that do not have standard product identifiers like UPC or EAN barcodes, so these registered brands can use Amazon-issued product IDs called a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) in place of traditional inventory system.

It is highly encouraged that manufacturers (especially new brands), apply to the Amazon Brand Registry program. Clearly, Simpetico Pet Supplies is taking every precaution as a new business to protect themselves and making the most of every opportunity to secure their business for the long haul.

Simpetico currently sells ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Spray, a multipurpose first aid product for pets that has received nothing but 5-star reviews.

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