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Free Shipping For Simpetico Pet Supplies ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Spray

Simpetico Pet Supplies, a nationwide provider of animal health supplements, confirmed that their flagship product ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Spray is eligible for free shipping offered by the Amazon online marketplace for orders worth $35 or more. Customers can opt for different items that are eligible for free shipping to get the amount up to $35 to qualify for the offer. The product has gotten positive feedback from the customers.

Speaking to the media, the CEO and Founder said, "Our products use Amazon's fulfillment centers for fast delivery and free shipping on qualifying orders. Their services are trusted and becoming the industry standard for E-commerce solutions."

The product has been for sale on Amazon for almost 2 months now but what many people don't know is that it is possible to buy the product without having to pay for shipment. When buying the product on, it is possible to get free shipping when the total order value is $35 or more, or with a yearly Amazon Prime membership.

So if someone wants to save some money they can do so when buying the product on Amazon. For example, if someone wants to buy a product as a gift and at the same time order one for themselves then the total value of the order combined might reach the level of free shipping.

When an order total is $35 or more, that order may meet the requirements for free shipping on eligible items fulfilled by When using free shipping, orders will be delivered 5-8 business days after all products are available to ship, including pre-order items.

There are now more than three times the number of items that meet Amazon's minimum $35 order for free shipping, making it easier to fill up the shopping cart and qualify for free shipping. Eligible offers can be found by looking for items with "Free Shipping" listed on the product detail page.

The CEO also added, "You can buy one for yourself and one for someone else as a gift. You will receive free shipping for your order and all your pets will love you for it." The ‘Spot Shot' Colloidal Silver Spray is also backed by Amazon's 30 day money back guarantee to ensure safe online purchases and customers' complete satisfaction.

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