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Sales Exceed Expectations In Simpetico Pet Supplies’ First Month Of Operation

Simpetico Pet Supplies has announced better than expected sales for their ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver spray, their first product released onto the US market in early December 2015. The early success has helped the family-owned company to project sales, marketing and inventory figures for both Q1 and Q2 in 2016.

The company's CEO and Founder Adam Dale Pearson said that driving traffic to the Amazon listing from social media channels and aggressive marketing with coupon codes are the main contributing factors for the initial success of this product.

Although the product was not available for Black Friday or Cyber Monday due to a production delay, increased holiday shopping during December and promotions throughout January have resulted in multiple sales per day and far better inventory movement than anticipated.

An order to replenish initial stock was placed just 27 days after the first supply reached the fulfillment center. Pearson said the second order was produced much more quickly and was available for fulfillment just hours before completely running out.

The new company used many different avenues to spread the message about the product, and has reported that coupon codes from Facebook advertisements are converting extremely well. The importance of knowing the audience and their purchasing behaviors has benefited the company as marketing dollars were spent wisely based on the results of extensive research and testing.

Pearson said, "We have a relatively low cost per click on the ads and the results from the coupon codes are very encouraging. We feel that we have a very strong product, a high quality Amazon listing, and we offer customer service that is second to none. When you engage with the right audience through social media, it makes sense that stock is moving quickly."

Pearson also emphasized the importance of moving the company forward every single day with any amount of spare time or activity possible. E-commerce and Internet marketing industries move incredibly quickly, so even 5 or 10 minutes a day researching or taking action can cause a great impact. Pearson said, "We're committed to learning and growing our business not just to get in the game, but to become an industry leader and remain competitive for a long time. Here at Simpetico, all eyes look ahead."

The company's first product and has become a great motivator for expanding the product line. Pearson said, "We found plenty of potential products and suppliers in our initial market research, many of which we fully intend on adding to our brand in due time. This first product is all about awareness and getting traction for the brand, which we're definitely experiencing. We couldn't be happier after only several months in business."

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