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Simpetico Pet Supplies Sets Business Goals For 2016

The New Year has begun and Simpetico Pet Supplies is bursting on to the scene with new products, incredible promotions and fun and informative ways to interact with customers. The family-run business is establishing itself as a customer service-driven brand with high quality products, reasonable prices and free shipping with fast delivery through Amazon Prime. They have now decided the goals it wants to pursue to continue their growth and development in 2016.

Simpetico's New Year's resolutions include focusing on taking care of every customer on an individual basis, expanding brand awareness through social media and adding more products to their line of high quality pet supplements and health supplies. Since entering the marketplace in late 2015, Founder Adam Dale Pearson has quickly grown the customer base of Simpetico and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

The Founder states, "We are dedicated to caring for our customers and their pets with great purchase experiences, safe and effective products, and unmatched after-sales service. We may not sell as many products as a huge company right now, but we can certainly succeed at creating a bond between owner, pet and brand by how we treat our customers. There is no reason why we can't compete with the big name brands with some hard work and perseverance."

In order to take the company to a higher level with increased sales, Simpetico will be offering discounts for numerous activities. Coupon codes and price breaks will be offered to repeat customers, for purchasing in quantities, and for leaving unbiased reviews and feedback on their listings. "We want everyone to take the plunge on purchasing a new brand for their loved ones, which we realize can be difficult. Bold action deserves bold rewards," Pearson said.

Simpetico keeps a very close eye on their inventory levels and wants to maintain their stock so that customers can always be served without backorders or delays. Pearson brings a long history retail and inventory management experience to the company, so the brand is well aware of how issues with product availability can become problems. "Our customers deserve a luxury-brand experience from a family-owned company, and keeping stock levels up is a huge part of that," Pearson added.

Pearson also stated that customer engagement and social media interaction is paramount for the brand. Product promotion, direct communication with clients, and fun and informative content drive the young brand's social media presence. This second objective has already been initiated, with Simpetico already available through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, a stand-alone website, and coming soon, Instagram and Shopify.

"We are hoping that people will see us on a number of platforms but it is important to know that the same customer service will always prevail and Amazon will be handling all the order fulfillment. They are so trusted." said Pearson.

These are the company's main objectives for 2016 and Pearson believes that these are challenging, yet doable tasks. As soon as the company has consistent daily sales and social media interaction, the next priorities will be to add more products and hire a customer support representative to keep service at an exceptional, 5-star level. Simpetico currently distributes ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver spray, which is available on

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