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Simpetico Pet Supplies Announces New Pinterest Page

Simpetico Pet Supplies has a new Pinterest page full of information about pet ownership including training tips, food, supplement and treat recommendations, health care-related articles, product content for their new line of premium pet care supplies, and a board dedicated solely to cute and amusing animal pictures just for fun.

This is yet another step in Simpetico's rapid expansion into e-commerce and social media platforms since their inception in mid-2015.

Simpetico has received a positive response on Pinterest thus far by advocating pet health and animal welfare and by informing their fans about their line of pet care products now available online. They offer helpful advice from some of the industry's other leading brands and organizations, and since Pinterest is such a visual platform, there are plenty of infographics and wonderful images to enjoy.

Adam Dale Pearson, Founder and CEO of Simpetico, said, "Pinterest is great for our brand because the images speak volumes to people, especially for compassionate animal lovers. We can connect with other users very easily and get to share our stories, images and experiences about pets that we all love and relate to."

Pinterest has over 175 million active users worldwide and interaction with other ‘Pinners' with similar interests is very quick and direct, enabling a small business to grow their fan base and expand brand awareness very rapidly.

Pearson continued, "We really enjoy how user-friendly Pinterest is. It was very easy to get up and running, we can scroll through endless amounts of great content and we are able to manage our own boards in a very organized fashion."

"Without a presence on Pinterest, our brand simply wouldn't be able to emerge as an industry leader. Similar to how we feel about our pets, we believe that every one of Simpetico's fans is a very important person with feelings, needs and problems. We want to provide solutions on a one-on-one basis and like the brand name suggests, we are all in this together. We are simpatico."

Since engagement with customers through Pinterest is direct, fun and convenient for both parties, Simpetico plans on heavily focusing on this platform to expand their brand and product line throughout 2016 and beyond. Simpetico currently distributes ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver spray, which is available on

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