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Must-Have First Aid Item From Simpetico Pet Supplies Achieves #1 New Release On Amazon

Simpetico Pet Supplies is honored to announce that their first product, ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Spray, has achieved #1 New Release status on Amazon in the 'Cat Itch Remedies' category.

The product has been selling on for about three weeks and has already received numerous sales and positive reviews. Adam Dale Pearson, Simpetico Founder and CEO, says "We are absolutely thrilled to achieve the 'Number 1 New Release' status from Amazon in this Pet Supplies subcategory. We are starting to get some real traction in the marketplace with brand awareness through sales and promotions."

The ‘Spot Shot' Colloidal silver spray is an all-natural skin, coat and wound care remedy for pets that is effective against a wide variety of ailments and conditions. The spray is an antibacterial antibiotic solution made of 45ppm colloidal silver in distilled water and has been widely recognized as a multipurpose topical treatment for quite some time.

This product comes in a convenient travel size spray bottle to make it convenient for families who like to be on the go, at the park or anywhere out in nature with their pets.

Spot Shot colloidal silver spray is 100% natural, made in the United States and is also touted as an immune booster, anti-inflammatory remedy capable of reducing swelling and can also be used for dental hygiene purposes like fresh breath and healthy teeth. As CEO Pearson states, "It's definitely a cure-all solution for at-home pet care."

As an introductory offer, Simpetico is offering the Spot Shot Colloidal Silver spray at 30% off the standard price so customers can now take advantage of this special offer to stock up on this highly versatile and effective product.

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