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Simpetico Pet Supplies Launches ‘Spot Shot’ Colloidal Silver Remedy With Incredible 90% Discount


Simpetico Pet Supplies, a nationwide provider of pet care solutions, has announced the debut of their new, all-natural antibiotic treatment for pets available on for an introductory offer of only $2.99, an incredible 90% discount from its original price of $29.99.

The product widely renowned for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties consists of 45ppm Colloidal Silver in distilled water in a convenient 2oz spray bottle.

The ‘Spot Shot' Colloidal silver can be applied topically to scrapes, cuts, burns, itchy spots, abrasions, wounds and skin irritations of all sorts, be used as a treatment for ear, nose and throat issues, sprayed on the teeth, tongue and gums for dental hygiene purposes, ingested internally to help with digestive disorders, or be used in numerous disinfectant applications to combat a wide variety of viral, bacterial and fungal issues.

"'Spot Shot' is unbeatable as a germ killer. It's so versatile and effective that every pet owner should have it on hand just like we have Band-Aids for ourselves. It's simply an essential." said Adam Dale Pearson, Simpetico founder and CEO.

"We decided to release 'Spot Shot' on with a 90% discount so pet owners everywhere would be exposed to the Simpetico name and have easy, affordable access to the product complete with fast and reliable delivery.

The all-natural silver solution has a long history of medicinal purposes for infections and diseases and is non-toxic and made in the USA. While 'Spot Shot' can provide a healthy alternative to prescription treatments, it is not intended to cure severe conditions or terminal diseases like cancer.

Pearson added, "It couldn't be easier to provide easy, yet very effective, first care to your pets with this product in your home" but emphasized that this introductory offer will only last through Sunday, December 6th, so pet owners need to act fast.

Simpetico Pet Supplies, a division of VIM Industries, LLC, was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Volo, IL.

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