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New Product: Spot Shot Colloidal Silver Spray

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Our first product is now live in our store!

Simpetico Pet Supplies, a division of VIM Industries, LLC, a locally owned and family operated business from Volo, IL, has released a versatile, all-natural antiseptic and antibiotic treatment for pets, consisting of 45ppm Colloidal Silver in distilled water in a convenient 2oz spray bottle. The remedy has a long history of medicinal purposes for infections and diseases, widely accepted as a natural antibiotic with excellent anti-fungal and disinfectant properties. 

Colloidal silver can be applied topically to scrapes, cuts, burns and skin irritations of all sorts, be used as a treatment for ear, nose and throat issues, sprayed on the teeth, tongue and gums for dental hygiene purposes, ingested internally to help with digestive disorders, or be used in numerous disinfectant applications to combat a wide variety of viral, bacterial and fungal issues.

The silver solution is all-natural, non-toxic, made in the USA, and while it can provide a healthy alternative to prescription treatments, it should be used as a supportive therapy and is not intended to cure severe conditions or terminal diseases like cancer.

"We are so thrilled to be introducing our ‘Spot Shot' colloidal silver spray because it's basically unrivaled as a germ killer," said Adam Dale Pearson, founder and CEO of VIM Industries and Simpetico Pet Supplies.

"It is such a straight-forward, pure and simple solution with an incredibly wide variety of applications, so it really represents the essence of our brand. It's absolutely perfect for our first product and we expect some wonderful results by bringing it to market," said the founder.

Pearson explained that the brand name 'Simpetico' is derived from the word ‘simpatico,' meaning easy to get along with, compatible, likeable, or characterized by shared attributes and interests. The name refers to kinship, love, togetherness and how pets play such a critical role in their owners' lives.

'Simpetico' also alludes to ‘simple,' ‘pet' and ‘company,' which Pearson explained was another reason the name was chosen. The company intends to provide safe, high quality and effective products while positioning themselves as very wholesome and uncomplicated brand both in terms of product ingredients and consumer usage.

"We strive to ensure happiness by providing solutions to pets and their owners with our amazing, easy-to-use products," Pearson said, "We ultimately want Simpetico to be synonymous with premium quality and good old-fashioned honesty."

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